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"We have been ministering deliverance for over 39 years.  There is help, there is hope and freedom can be yours."

John and Linda Kyle

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Pastor John and Linda are seasoned ministers of the Gospel, having been in full time ministry for over 40 years.

They have been married for over 45 years and have pioneered and pastored a number of churches in various states. Presently, they are pastoring The Oasis Community Church in Casper, Wyoming. They have two grown and married children. 

Pastor John and Linda attended seminary/Bible school in South Carolina. They have traveled to a number of states teaching deliverance and spiritual warfare, conducting seminars, and holding mass deliverance. By the amazing grace of God, they have cast out thousands of evil spirits out of Christians. Pastor John has ministered with Frank Hammond, Derek Prince, Charles Holzhauser, Dick Bernal, David Alsobrook, and other deliverance and spiritual warfare ministers. 

The Kyles have held national conferences with a number of well known speakers such as Wallace Hickey, Terry Law, Dick Bernal, Frank Hammond, Robb Thompson, and recording artists Annie Herring and Paul Wilbur and others.

Pastor John has also traveled to a number of foreign countries teaching and ministering on various topics of the Bible and spiritual warfare.

Linda is music minister/worship leader at The Oasis Community Church and has been leading worship since 1986. She is also an ordained minister. Linda has been a speaker for Women's Aglow and other women's groups as well teaching/speaking with her husband.

Another area of their ministry is to prepare people for the difficult and dark times ahead. The Kyles also minister in the spiritual gifts as well as in the prophetic. They have also had a Bible College in their church and have licensed and ordained people into the ministry, both in the US and abroad.  With the power of Jesus, John and Linda have seen many delivered from demonic problems, torments, oppression, and disabilities in their lives. They have taught, mentored and trained people to live in and from the grace and victory of Jesus. They minister out of the love and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and are here to serve His people, and YOU.

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