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"We are here to help you to become a whole person in Christ Jesus!"

As well as pastoring The Oasis Community Church in Montana, pastor John and Linda have their own personal ministry that specializes in Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance. They have over 28 years experience conducting private deliverance sessions and teaching seminars on deliverance.  




Travel to Wyoming

Over the years many have traveled to Montana to receive deliverance. Now you can travel to Wyoming.  Inquire today about scheduling your Private Deliverance Session. 


For your church or organization

Pastor John and Linda Kyle conduct seminars that instruct the believer in areas of deliverance and spiritual warfare.  Areas covered in these seminars include:

  • Deliverance

  • How to Break Curses

  • How to Dispel Spiritual Darkness

  • Spiritual Combat Training

  • How to Break Poverty Curses

  • How to Have Authority Over Darkness

  • How to Conduct Daily Spiritual Warfare

  • Life After Demons

  • Witchcraft

  • Exposing the Enemy

  • How do Demons Enter

  • How to Get Free From Confusion

  • Healing

  • How to Pray Powerful Prayers

  • How to Deal With Poltergeists and Clear Them From Your House

  • How to Break Generational Bondages

  • How to Break Yokes

  • How to Deal With Familiar Spirits

  • How to Cancel Demonic Assignments

  • How to Stay FREE From Spirits

  • How to Become A Deliverance Minister

  • How to Become An Apprentice

  • Inherited Spirits and How To Deal With Them

  • Restoration

  • Mass Deliverance

  • Renunciation Mind Clearing

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