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Pondering 2009 - 2011, The 'New' Age

It occurred to me that looking at what the Strong’s Concordance would say for the meaning of various numbers, would indeed be beneficial in possibly seeing what they might tell us in regards to the years we have just passed through and the one in front of us. When looking for meanings in the Bible and in the Strong’s Concordance, one should always read and study within context. What does the Original say? What does the Hebrew/Greek say? And, most importantly, WHAT does the Bible say? Look at every place that word is used and by doing so, gather in a more comprehensive view of what you see. If you follow a word throughout the entire Bible, you will get only a glimpse, but still a glimpse as to what GOD thinks about it!!

What is each word saying for the particular place it is used, IN CONTEXT in the Bible? Then, looking at every reference in the Strong’s, for a particular word, one can glean, derive an overall view of what GOD thinks about the subject. Looking up every reference for the word PRIDE, will reveal several things. One will see that along with Pride, there is usually a spirit of violence, anger, Leviathan, deception, superiority, etc. Thus, when looking up the words, nine, ten and eleven, we are not just looking at their numeral value, but what these words are actually rendered in the Strong’s Concordance, and how they are used in the Bible.

It will surprise you what they mean, for when we look at their meanings and then the years, 2009, 2010, and 2011, we can see both an amazing and alarming and possibly prophetic picture of the times. When the old Hebrew Scholars said, “Everything means something” They were not necessarily stating that every time a leaf blows in front of you, it means something. But rather, they DID see that everything in Holy Writ and writing MEANS something and often, when applied to our lives, it takes on a most powerful and perhaps prophetic meaning as well.

Now, move this up a few levels and take a larger look at these numbers, in light of the times in which we live. I stumbled upon this myself, purely by accident, recently. I also know that something as such was directed by The Spirit of God, and was not, as we often say, ‘an accident’. Before I get ahead of myself, let us first look at each set of numbers and what they might be saying to us. For the sake of clarity, the actual Hebrew and Greek definitions, from the Strong’s are in Italicized, bold.


8672: perhaps from 8159 through the idea of a turn (to the next or full number ten)

8159: to gaze at or about, (properly for help), by implying to inspect, consider, compassionate, (as looking around in amazement), or bewildered regard, have respect, spare, turn

HENCE 2009:

It was the time of the new election. Who was it that said we need CHANGE? It was a change. It was truly the turning point for this nation. Did we not look about afterward the elections, in total perplexity and amazement and see that our nation would never be the same again? Were we not looking around in amazement? As believers, it was and still is the time for us to look about at the lost, as, and because, TIME IS SO SHORT, AND BECAUSE of such a need for compassion for them, consider them, respect where they are, yet draw them into the fishing net while there is still time?

Our gaze was caused to turn away from what we saw in the elections. Our Country did indeed take a turn for the worse. We were truly, and are still, looking about for help. (Our help comes from the Lord, Psalm 121 is very interesting as we, by King David are told to lift up our eyes to the hills.) Take a look at the word HILLS.

2022: a shortened form of 2042, The Online Bible gives Greek 717 also as a reference) a mountain, or range of hills (sometimes used figuratively); mount, hill, hill country, promotion.

2042: from an unused root meaning to loom up; a mountain, hill, mount

GREEK 717: ARMAGEDDON; Armageddon (of Hebrew origin [2022, 2042]; Armageddon, (or Har-Megiddon); A symbolic name

This is very interesting. When we lift up our eyes to the HILLS, it is as though we are in dire straits, just as we would lift up our eyes, were we embroiled in the battle of Armageddon!!! THAT is the HEBREW word from which the GREEK word is taken!!! Thus, the extreme seriousness of the hour!!!! Our help can ONLY come from the Lord!

HENCE: 2009

There was a permanent change and shift in this nation. We no longer are looked upon as a Christian nation. We are no longer upright as a nation. But now, in 2009, we have taken a TURN. The very first bill that was passed in legislation in 2009 was to approve late term abortions. WHAT have we done? WE have taken a TURN for the worse!! May our God, in His very infinite mercy and compassion, have mercy on us!


6235: from 6237, ten, accumulation, 6237: a primitive root, identified with 6238; to accumulate, to tithe, i.e., take or give a tenth

6238: to accumulate; chiefly, specifically to grow; (causative make) rich, make (I Kings 22:48): 48 Jehoshaphat made ships of Tharshish to go to Ophir for gold: but they went not; for the ships were broken at Eziongeber.) (NOTE: This word MADE is referencing the fact that Jehoshaphat was MADE rich by the manufacturing and usage of these ships in finding gold.)

6240: ten; for 6235; (only in combination), teen, -teenth, also ordinal, See 6218.

6218: from 6235, ten, by abbreviation, ten strings, and so a decachord, ten-stringed, harp, instrument of ten strings 7233: from

7231; abundance, (in number) i.e., specifically a myriad (whether definite or indefinite) million, many, million, ten thousand

7231: a primitive root, properly to cast together, [Compare with 7241], i.e., increase, especially in number, (7233) to multiply by the myriad, to be more, be many, be manifold, be more, multiply, ten thousands.

7241: from 7231, a rain (as an accumulation of drops), shower.

7240: corresponding to 7239; ten thousand, ten thousand times ten thousand

7239: from 7231; a myriad, an indefinite large number: - great things. (MYRIAD: simply means: too numerous to count: so many that they cannot all be counted. It also means: very diverse: made up of many and various different components)


3463: plural of an apparently primitive word (properly meaning very many) ten thousand

1176: deke, ten

3461: from 3463, a ten-thousand, by extension a “myriad” or indefinite number

Hence 2010:

Typically, throughout scripture, TEN is the number by which man governs his affairs and by which nations form alliances and governments; whereas TWELVE is the number by which GOD governs the affairs of men: the TWELVE tribes, the TWELVE apostles, etc.

Now, take a look at some of the words taken from the Strong’s. It is very interesting when you compare THEM to our nation today:



Ten strings

Make Rich



Multiply by the myriad



Large number

We have accumulated great wealth. Wealth in large numbers, mathematically speaking, we have accumulated great debt as a nation. We have accumulated great depravation and wickedness as a society. This is called SIN. Are we afraid to call it what it is? As a nation, we have also become very rich and have accumulated GREAT DEBT.

In 2010, we have tried to pick ourselves up and pretend that the bank crashes of 2008 never happened. We have, in a sense, sort of thrown caution to the wind, and upped our spending. We were afraid to admit that we may have become totally bankrupt as a nation and society, (both spiritually and literally) so the news media tells us that we have been spending again, during the holidays; a deception to cause more spending.

Everyone has this innate desire within themselves to make things be the way they once were, before people began losing their homes and living under bridges and under the city in some larger cities. Oh, if we could just have things the way they once were. Such noble thinking, but in reality, foolish thinking, because what once was, was only itself a pretense, a lie!

Under the surface, evil was unraveling a nation who had allowed evils onto its shores in abundance! Evil has multiplied itself exponentially in this land. Increase of goods and wealth, but yet, emptiness within! Everyone I have conversed with, during the holidays, without a doubt, have said what a disappointment Christmas was this year.

Expectations are failing because our joy and happiness is so very sadly and far misplaced! It is not in getting and buying and having and holding wealth and an accumulation of STUFF. It is in Jesus and Him alone! I speak for a nation that is THINKING that a rain of abundance to itself would be in getting MORE, but yet, it is in getting MORE OF JESUS that would bring it joy, and even lift it up from the banks and the shores of failure, depression, hopelessness and despair!

There are those in the land who seem to hold up the rest in their love for Jesus and their passion for those who know Him not. These do not care about the fluff of the world. These care about keeping the REAL safety intact. These men and women, whom we may never meet or KNOW that we have met them, do indeed hold it all together. They have truly cast themselves together in small groups, and possibly even in small numbers to keep the whole of the spiritual protection which is still over us, in place, before it is ripped away all together. They are men and women who do the real warfare and battles secretly behind the scenes. They do not brag about their intercession, or the spiritual battles that would terrify most.

As we have exited 2010, what will we make as priority in 2011? What will we do?


The number ELEVEN, listed in the Strong’s Concordance, in most cases, but not all, in the HEBREW, lists TWO meanings for this word, 259 & 6240.

259: a numeral from 258, properly, united, i.e., one, or (as an ordinal), first; 258: to unify, i.e., (figuratively) collect one’s thoughts, go one way or other.

6249: apparently a masculine plural constructed of 6247, in the sense of afterthought, (used only in connection with 6240 in lieu of 259) eleven (or ordinal eleventh).

6247: from 6245, a fabric; bright.

6245: a primitive root, properly to be sleek, i.e., glossy, hence (through the idea of polishing) to excogitate, as if forming in the mind. (EXCOGITATE: consider carefully: consider or think about something carefully and thoroughly (formal).

6237: a primitive root (identified with 6238), to accumulate, to tithe, to take or give a tenth

6238: a primitive root, properly to accumulate, chiefly to grow or (causative to make) rich, (Strong’s gives the reference of I Kings 22:48 margin) See 6240. to be or become rich or wealthy, enrich, pretend to be rich, to be or become rich, to make rich, to gain riches, to enrich oneself

I Kings 22:48 reads:

48 Jehoshaphat made ships of Tharshish to go to Ophir for gold: but they went not; for the ships were broken at Eziongeber.

HOWEVER, the STRONG’s give us the scriptures with the following references (using both my Strong’s Concordance and the ONLINE BIBLE’s Strong’s Reference. I have noticed that the Online Bible does not use the actual italicized Hebrew/Greek meanings, only the Hebrew/Greek Dictionary’s synonyms.).

Now, look at I Kings 22:48 with the STRONG’s references:

Jehoshaphat made (8804) (8675) ships of Tharshish to go (8800) to Ophir for gold : but they went (8804) not; for the ships were broken (8738) at Eziongeber .

Now notice the word, MADE, above. It has 4 references. This is indicated in the Strong’s Concordance, in the Online Bible Software edition. NOW, in the Strong’s, my BOOK source it only gives 6235 as the HEBREW reference, which is the same reference for the number 10. In other words, I believe we can safely say that Jehoshaphat made, from his wealth and accumulation of riches, ships to go to Tarshish.

505: properly the same as 504, hence (an ox’s head being the first letter of the alphabet, and this eventually used as a numeral) a thousand

504: from 502, a family, also (from the sense of yoking or taming) ox or cow; family, ox, kine

502: a primitive root, to associate with, hence to learn, and causative to teach): learn, teach, utter

3967: probably a primitive numeral; hundred

6240: from 6235; ten, -teen (in combination with other numbers), used only in combination to make the numbers


1733: from (the neuter of) 1520 and 1176; one and ten, i.e., eleven 1520: one

1176: deke, ten

2532: apparently, a primary particle, having a copulative and sometimes also accumulative force

The same references are given for the word, ELEVEN and ELEVENTH, with the exception of Matthew 20: 6& 9, and Revelation 21:20. These verses have another Greek rendering which is 1734. This number states that it is from 1733, meaning only eleventh.

Here are some of the words, found in the definitions of the word, ELEVEN:















Yoking or taming

Ox or cow



Now, look at these words. In light of what we have already looked at, as well as what we have been learning and hearing in the news, these words cause me to shudder! Look at these words again:

United, One, First, Unify, Collect, Afterthought, Fabric, Sleek, Glossy, Polishing, Excogitate, Forming, Thousand, Family, Yoking or taming, Ox or cow, Associate, Learn

In my personal study which I did with numerals in the Bible, several years ago, I discovered much more than I have listed above, because I: 1) looked at all the definitions for each number in the Strong’s, 2) looked up and read each verse listed, 3) took a step back and put it all together.

Once I did this, I was able to see an overall picture that I would not ordinarily have seen. I went to every root word listed, which I have not given above. I went to each and every verse and sometimes looked up words that connected in other verses. What I saw was amazing. There was this sense of an overall thought portrayed for the number eleven: One is missing, preparation.

Now, take that with the words above. We know that ONE stands for GOD: God is ONE. (He is 3 persons in ONE) And take those words together, GOD is missing!!! In 2011, will God be missing in all aspects of human life? OR, will He NOT BE ALLOWED, even more than He is not allowed at present?

Consider the new laws and current fabricated crisis. Will America now stand as ONE in 2011, under a One World Government? United, will we unify each family under a new system? This sleek and glossy fabric of American society, polished, that once honored God, will it now be herded into camps and quarantines as ox and cows? Whole families and thousands taken away to holding camps? Put under yokes for NEW EDUCATION AND LEARNING? Tamed for a new cause and a new world, WITHOUT OUR GOD, THE ONE TRUE GOD? How will we then associate with each other as we learn a new way of existence?

When you look at these words, it would seem that one is looking at a lot of wealth. But although it is a nation whose very FABRIC of society is SLEEK and GLOSSY, and seems to be well POLISHED and versed in the right things to say and do, the people of the land find themselves THINKING AND PONDERING the events of the hour, FORMING thoughts and thinking about what has happened, and is to possibly come, upon the nation.

God is in this. He is trying and doing what He can, to awaken a society that is lost within itself/themselves. At least, what we would refer to as ‘the remnant’ would say and do so. Are we not a nation (as a whole) which is so very pitifully poor in our relationship with God? JESUS? Yet, in actuality, we are rich. However, we put on a pretense of being rich in spirit. We are a great nation. At least, we once were. We have become rich and powerful and wealthy, having increased ourselves with the wealth of other nations, yet, we the people of this land, stand in lack, spiritually. At the very core, the evil ones who turn the crank and tide of America, are themselves, servants of satan!

I am reminded of this passage in Revelation 3:17-22

17 Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:

18 I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.

19 As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.

20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

21 To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne.

22 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.

HENCE 2011:

In 2010, we had accumulated so much debt, that we were told and indeed, is a fact, we will never be able to pay it all back. I do not believe we ever intended to! What is the basic thought of most Americans? To make money, to support the family and to get by. To eat and try to move ahead as best as possible, if possible. Everyone is/was caught up, in 2010, with making money, trying to survive and dealing with the issues and troubles within the household of each individual.

But we are told 3 THEME words for each of the numerals we have studied:




What will we do? We have turned as a people. We have accumulated as a people. But now, in this eleventh hour, will we not humble ourselves and, as the ten virgins, stock pile our oil so that we are not lacking and without when we face THE Incredibly awesome King of Kings? Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God?

The 10 virgins were separated in numbers because 5 took oil and 5 did not. What will separate those CLAIMING to be Christians in this dreadful hour, is the OIL. Now go and find the oil! Get it and get LOTS of it!!

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